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How to mix a Blood Red coolant

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How to Mix Blood Red Using Mayhems Dye

This is a small guide to show you how to make Blood Red using Mayhems Dye. You can also use this guide to make X1 clear into Blood Red and have your very own custom colours.

  • 10ml Mayhems Blue Dye
  • 10ml Mayhems Red Dye
  • 10ml Mayhems UV Pink (only needed if you would like to make UV active)
  • Mayhems Ultra Pure H20 or Mayhems X1
  • Glass 1 Ltr measuring Jug (if using plastic it may stain)
  • Small 100 ml measuring container
  • Clean work space

Important information Before starting this procedure
Mayhems dyes are extremely strong. Please take some precautionary measures to make sure if you spill any of this dye you can quickly clean it up. You can use bleach on table top surface to remove dye quickly however if spilt on a carpet you will need to consult your manufacture and find out the best way to clean it up. Never rub the dye always dab it as rubbing will only increase the surface are of the dye and make more of a mess. You may wish to use disposable rubber or latex gloves so that you do not stain your skin.

Mixing the liquids

As said first off make sure you have a clean work area and make sure you cannot knock over anything. Leave all the caps on all the bottles and only remove them when you need them. Replace all caps when finished.

We are going to make 1 Ltr of fluid in this demo but you can make as little or as much as you like. Please remember we are a British / UK company there for all our measurements are in British measurements.

  1. First take your 1 Ltr of fluid and just pour in ½ ltr of your base mix e.g. Mayhems X1 or Mayhems Ultra Pure H20
  2. Take the cap off your 10ml Mayhems Red dye and add a few drops to the ½ Ltr of base mix you have just poured into the jug. Do it till you get a deep Red consistency of your liking
  3. Take 100ml of your Mayhems X1 or Mayhems Ultra Pure H20 and add it to you 100ml small container.
  4. Take your Mayhems 10ml Blue Dye and add 1 drop of this to the 100 ml of fluid. Give it a stir with you string rod to mix it up.
  5. Now carefully and slowly pour the 100ml Blue mix, only add about 5mls at a time. While doing this use the stirring rod to mix the 1/2 ltr of Red fluid.
  6. Do this till you get the consistency of colour you would like.
  7. To make UV active this is were you may if you wish add the Mayhems 10ml UV Pink Dye. Simply add a few drops to the 1/2 Ltr mix but do not overdo it.
  8. Now mix in the rest of the 1/2 ltr of fluid and again stir to mix it all in. You may wish to adjust the colour more to get it deep as adding the extra 1/2 ltr of fluid will make the mix look a little weaker. Just take your time and only add small amounts. Always remember you can add more but you can never take away if you added to much.

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