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Mayhems XTR 1nm Clear 1 Ltr

Mayhems Solutions Ltd

  • £99.99

Mayhems “XTR 1nm” is a 1nm nano coolant developed from the ground up at Mayhems labs utilising some of the most advanced techniques ever created. The coolant is grown from the ground up in the UK and is nurtured into life using the most stringent quality controls that have never been seen before in the liquid cooling industry. Under testing Mayhems XTR can block a 6KW fibre laser and no light passed through what so ever stopping dead any chance of any type of life growing in it, Consider it factor 10,000 sun block for your precious liquid coolant system. Mayhems XTR does not contain any type of glycol and is a 100% synthetic man made product.

Mayhems XTR 1nm utilises advance techniques in nano material production to stop dead any life growing in an aggressive environment and also contains extra safety precautions to help with cross contaminations from the usage of different metals.

In testing at low sub 100c we have seen that Mayhems XTR can knock up to 15c off normal temperatures once it has embedded itself in. This is all dependant on the liquid cooling system the user utilises, some user’s outcome will be different depending on their set ups. From 200 +c we have seen a reduction against water of up to 30c and over these temps the reduction increases the higher the temperature goes. To put this as simple as possible Mayhems XTR is a Home user super coolant never been seen before at the price range.

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