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Mayhems Bubble A-Way 10ml

Mayhems Bubble A-Way 10ml


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Mayhems Bubble away has been developed in house at Mayhems Solution Ltd for use with all coolants, biocide and inhibitors. It has the ability to instantly remove air bubbles in a system and also prolong the life of you pumps., Mayhems Bubble A-Way is a total bespoke formula that has taken 3 years to work on from the ground up. No more Shaking that system like mad and no more froth in your reservoir.

Tests in house also have proven to increase the pump life of DDC and D5s and a verity of other liquid cooling pumps. How ever your mileage may very depending on how your system is setup.

Bubble A-way is a bispoke silicone based defoamer compound with broad compatibility in various systems, spontaneous deforming effect and excellent long term efficiency. It has a long lasting effect even under high shear conditions.

Density at 20°C ~ 1.00 g/cm³

Viscosity at 20°C ~ 600 mPa·s

Refractive index at 20°C ~1.44

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