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Mayhems Havoc 240 mm Radiator Primed Only

Mayhems Solutions Ltd

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Mayhems Havoc 240 mm Radiator Primed Only

The Radiator is Primed for painting any colour you wish

Optimised to be the quietest and most effective cooling Radiator for your System.

Quote from The Mod Zoo by Captain CurrySauce

"The Mayhems Havoc 240 radiator is easily one of the top performing radiators that we have tested so far. The unique fin design actually works, and at higher RPMs the performance is just stellar. Add in all the extras, and you have something that nobody else offers in the market presently. A great product, backed by a lifetime warranty and great service, make this a great deal a well."

The new Mayhems Havoc performance radiator lays waste to existing designs. With its unconventional use of a ‘Quad Reflow Chamber’ designed by Mayhems which allows the coolant to remain in the system for a longer period. This allows the radiator to expel more heat than any other product within the market today. Mayhems fuse this concept with its ‘Triple-Tubed Louver Fin system’ that further promotes the discharge of the previously mentioned heat. In short the new high performance radiator designed by Mayhems transforms accepted thinking into a thing of the past.

  • Quad Reflow Chamber
  • Screw Anti-Piercing Plates on both sides
  • Push, Pull and Push/Pull Configerd
  • 2 Port
  • Copper Louver Fins (9 FPI @ 30 micron)
  • 36 Copper Tubes (3 rows of 12)
  • High Grade Brass End Tanks
  • 125mm x 63mm x 286mm (Width x Depth x Height)
  • Weight : 1.1 kg
  • Matt Black Coated
  • RoHS Compliant
  • 180 Degree Logo
  • Includes a Mayhems Mini Blitz kit (part 2 only and enough to make 4 Ltrs)
  • Includes Mayhems XT1 Concentrate (enough to make 2 Ltrs)
  • Lifetime Limited warranty**
  • Guaranteed not to discolour premixed coolants (from new)

The new Mayhems ‘Havoc’ performance PC Cooling radiator not only boasts an impressive array of features and Specifications, but comes with the Blitz (part two only) cleaning system and coolant. This insures that the Mayhems ‘Havoc’ radiator performs at its optimum right out of the box!

Below is an example of the Mayhems Havoc 240mm Radiator painted white.

Sample of the Mayhems Havoc Painted White

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