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Mayhems Non Stain UV Clear Blue Dye 15ml

Mayhems Solutions Ltd

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Mayhems non-staining dyes reduce or eliminate staining on most hard surfaces, skin, fabrics and equipment that is non-porous. These new Mayhems non stain dyes have a wide pH stability scope and can be used in liquid cooled PC's and Coolants. They should keep their colour longer than any normal high quality dyes.

Mayhems non-stain dyes have been developed from the ground up using the latest technology available with in the UK. Each colour of the non-stain dye range has been tested with each other and all Mayhems coolants to make sure they all work well and to a specific satisfactory requirement with in a liquid cooling system. If you mix non-stain dyes with stain dyes then they will no longer be non-stain.

Fully clean your liquid cooling system using the Mayhems Blitz Cleaning solution before use, if you do not, you may run into issues. All radiators including new ones should be flushed separately to a high standard this should include running hot water though the radiator between 40c to 50c plus Part 2 of the Mayhems Blitz Kit (or Mayhems Blitz Basic kit), until all excess flux has been removed from the radiator. This will eliminate the possibility of flux based colour change with in a liquid cooling system once heat is applied.

Mayhems non stain dyes contain a biocide that is compatible with Mayhems current range of products (X1, XT1, Pastel, Aurora). They have not been tested on any other manufactured fluids.

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